Appeton Weight Gain 愛必頓 増重奶粉

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How does Appeton Weight Gain helps one to gain Weight Healthiy?


HAS a High PER of 3.1 for a more efficient weight gain

PER is a measurement of a proteins ability to increase body weight. 

FDA standard for PER value is 2.5. The higher the PER, the greater the ability to increase body weight. Appeton Weight Gain has a high PER value of 3.1.


Easily digested and absorbed

Appeton Weight Gain contains whey protein. 

Whey protein contains amino acids that are more easily digested and absorbed!


Contains the RIGHT amino acids

Appeton Weight Gain Adult contains the right and specific amounts of amino acids needed for tissue growth.


Increases Weight gradually

Eating high fat food for instant weight gain may compromise your health. It could increase your levels of bad cholesterol and glucose.

With Appeton Weight Gain it is a gradual weight gain without any side effects. It is important to take time to put on weight so that your body can adjust progressively.

A clinical study proved that Appeton Weight Gain is effective in helping people to gain weight healthily without any complication.

Average 2kgs gained in 2 - 3 months by both adults and children*.

A UPM efficacy study on Appeton Weight Gain involving adults and children revealed that both gained an average of 2kgs over 2 to 3 months.

Adult formula: 1.7kgs to 2.1kgs after 2 months

Child formula: 1.8kgs to 2kgs after 3 months

The Clinical Study:

Efficacy Study of Appeton Weight Gain as a weight enhancing regime among underweight subjects

Dr. Amin Ismail & Tee Chin Kim from the Department of Nutrition & Health Sciences, 

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences University Putra Malaysia, Serdang. 

Objective:  To assess the efficacy of Appeton Weight Gain as a weight enhancing regime among underweight adult


Skimmed milk, milk proteins, vegetable oils, saccharose, chocolate flavour, fibre, vanilla flavour, minerals, vitamins, soya lecithin and maltodextrin

Flavors available

Chocolate and Vanilla flavour.


Serving and Preparation guide

Add 40g-50g (3 ½ - 4scoops) to 300ml of warm water.

2 – 3 times daily, one hour after each meal.

Important to maintain other usual diet pattern.



Available in 900g tins

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