HIT candies (gluten-free) 不含麩質


The story of DULSA goes back to 1893, when the Unzue family started up a business making cakes and sweets. The Dos Cafeteras brand of coffee sweets soon became their most emblematic line. Years later the business was expanded, by one of the sons, to include making of turrón, a traditional Spanish sweet similar to nougat, and ice-creams. In 1970 was born Hit, a new brand, with which the sales network was enlarged to cover the whole of Spain, and exportation to all Europe and South America began.


Fifteen years later, the group NUTREXPA acquired 100% of the business, thereby entering the confectionery market: DULSA would be the production centre for sweets, and NUTREXPA would commercialize them. In the 90’s, the Dos Cafeteras brand was bought, this prestigious coffee sweet has been produced  using traditional methods and the same recipe since 1886.


HIT is the world of flavour. Sweeten your life and enjoy the flavour of fruits bursting in your mouth with HIT, the pocket confectionery that sweetens any moment, filling it with flavour. These assorted high-quality sweets come in ten flavours to satisfy all tastes: lemon, orange, strawberry, mint, tutti-frutti, coke, mango, pinnable, coffee and spicy cinnamon. They are presented in handy, individual, pocket-sized boxes with a safety opening, making them easily accessible at any moment. For retailers, DULSA provides HIT in various sizes, showcases and displays so that they stand out on your counter or in your shop and make it easy for clients to choose between the different flavours.