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100 Years’ Experience in Producing Milk to Nurture Lives Right at the Beginning

Founded in 1912, Hosland’s plant has been focusing on manufacturing infant milk formula and healthcare products for decades, and has become the model dairy in the Netherlands.

Hosland has adopted the advanced low-temperature spray drying technology, fulfilling the highest standards of HACCP and GMP. All processes of the production line of Hosland infant milk formula comply with international pharmaceutical criteria. The corporation has achieved international authoritative certification like COKZ, HACCP, IFS and BRC. The product quality of Hosland not only fulfills the requirements of EU standard and the Netherlands national standard, but is also proven safe and reliable.


Finely Nurturing and Tenderly Loving Newborn Lives

Every new life has great potential. From the moment a baby’s life begins, he will be growing up in all aspects day and night. Hosland gathers the essence of nature and love. Inheriting the 100-year craftsmanship from the Netherlands’ top-notch dairy firm, Hosland thoughtfully produces natural, nutritious, high-quality milk formula and nurtures infants and toddlers all over the world, ensuring that they are growing healthily.

In 2014, Hosland infant formula, developed by a 100-year factory in the Netherlands, entered into Asia, enabling Hosland’s charity business to continue to grow in Asia and bringing well-being for Asian babies.