Philips Sonicare 電動牙刷


Sonic Technology

Philips Sonicare is based on our patented sonic technology. There are 3
different engineering innovations that make up our brushing technology:

  • Sonic technology drives unique bristle tip velocity

  • Philips Sonicare brush heads deliver our clinically proven results

  • Dynamic cleaning action for a clean feel

Sonic technology drives
unique bristle tip velocity

Philips Sonicare achieves its bristle velocity -the movement of the brush head in your mouth- through a combination of high frequency and high amplitude bristle motions. A Sonicare toothbrush delivers more strokes in two minutes than a manual toothbrush could in a month. As a result, it removes up to seven times more plaque* for a cleaner, healthier smile.

*tested using DiamondClean vs. a manual toothbrush

Philips Sonicare brush heads
deliver our clinically proven results

Philips Sonicare brush heads and toothbrushes are designed and tested together to deliver the best results.
Our contoured brush heads fit the natural shape of your teeth, covering a larger brushing surface. Bristles are then placed at precise angles to maximize coverage. We use extremely soft bristles that are rounded at the top to create a safe and gentle brush head that delivers a powerful clean.

Dynamic cleaning action
for a clean you can feel

Use our patented Sonicare technology so your smile can work for you.
Our technology cleans your mouth by:

  • Directing the liquid between and behind teeth, even under the gum line, where plaque bacteria flourish

  • Gently massaging the gums, stimulating blood circulation and helping to dislodge plaque

  • Gently whipping toothpaste and saliva into an oxygen-rich foamy liquid